The Proton Health Origin Story.

Origin Story

Our story began whilst we were still budding doctors at medical school. It was clear to us, even then, how confusing it can be to manage long-term conditions. We found that healthcare felt more and more difficult to access in a world where everything was becoming more seamless.

Nowhere was this difference more apparent than in eczema, where care seemed to be going backwards. We still hadn’t figured out the cause of flare-ups, the treatments were increasingly difficult to navigate, and the amount of misinformation online had become overwhelming.

And we knew this not only due to our background as doctors but because we’re also eczema patients. And have been for our entire lives. So we could see that the standard of care had not only flattened but was going backwards since our youth.

These observations were supported by the evidence in the Seeing Red paper by Allergy UK. This showed the degree of impact on day-to-day life, with 70% of respondents experiencing depression and 86% describing eczema as affecting their daily life. But the most staggering fact was that, for 30% of individuals, it took 4-7 months after a referral to be seen by a dermatologist.

This wasn’t helped by looking at the existing options. Because it was clear that there was a need for a unified, more comprehensive solution to tackle eczema. So, with our own experiences, this evidence and the potential benefits of technology, we knew we had to act. That’s why, despite working as doctors in the NHS, we set out to build a solution for the problem.

That’s when Proton Health was born - an eczema super-app that delivers everything an individual would ever need to conquer the condition. From finding out the cause of eczema to getting access to advanced research - Proton Health is designed to have it all.

Since our launch in March 2022, the feedback has been overwhelming. We’ve had glowing reviews from users explaining how the app has changed how they manage the condition. In that time, we’ve also received backing from global institutions, including the Francis Crick Institute and Startup Health.

Where Next

In truth, we really are just getting started... Whilst the app has many great features to tackle eczema, there’s more that we have to offer.

We’re currently working hard to add some significant features which, we believe, will create an entirely new healthcare experience for eczema sufferers. And with cutting-edge machine learning and advanced therapeutic techniques, we’re confident that we will eventually make eczema a thing of the past.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our journey and where we are headed, we welcome you to get in touch!

You'll Find More Tips In The App.

Our users improve their symptoms by 48% in the first month. Find out how 👇

You'll Find More Tips In The App.

You'll Find More Tips In The App.

Our users improve their symptoms by 48% in the first month.

Find out how 👇

Our users improve their symptoms by 48% in the first month. Find out how 👇