Living with eczema doesn’t have to be frustrating.

Science shows that you can improve eczema and boost happiness by 78%.

It’s time to find out how.

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It's 2022… And we still have no idea why, when, or how to stop our flare-ups.

It’s not you, it’s a system problem.

And it’s about time the system changed.

Introducing Proton Health.

No more guesswork with the all in one eczema solution. A personalised programme to know when and how to stop your eczema.
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Less than 10 Minutes a day to conquer eczema.
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Unlock Your Programme

Receive your bespoke 6 week programme, tailor designed to maximise improvements in your eczema, mindset, and control.

Hit Your Daily Goal

We’ll recommend sessions that give you a 360 view of your eczema, improve your brain health using CBT and provide access to groundbreaking techniques.

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Transform Your Eczema

Complete your personal plan to boost your Skin Score. At the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll notice improvements in your eczema, mindset and confidence, for good.

A Personal Companion With 24/7 Access To A Skin Coach.

Get Access Now.

You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It...
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Discover Your Triggers With The Worlds Most Advanced Tracking Toolkit.

hotos, Symptoms, Triggers, Environment and more.  
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Cutting-Edge Techniques To Tackle Eczema.

Interactive sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy and itch-scratch reversal tools.
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Prevent Flare-Ups With Truly Personalised Care.

Flare-up predictions, tailored advice and your own Skin Coach.

Founders Note 😊

550 Million. That’s the number of people with eczema globally.

We know how it feels because we’re three of them. Yet, the system sucks (We’re doctors so we know this better than most).

Care is neglected and our concerns are passed off as just some dry skin. But we all know eczema is more than skin deep.

That’s why we built Proton Health.

We’re not like the others. No more fads or miracle cures. Instead, we use groundbreaking science shown to improve symptoms by more than a half and bring you happiness, 78% more often.

We’re helping thousands improve their eczema and together, we’ll make eczema a thing of the past.

Haroon, Niall and Noreen
Proton Health Co-Founders

Together, We'll Make Eczema A Thing Of The Past.

Join The Movement.