The Proton Health Programme - What’s All The Fuss About


As you’ll have already noticed, theres a lot of nonsense information online. From funky rituals to miracle cures, it’s all starting to become a bit too much. And as medical doctors, we were becoming increasingly alarmed with the amount of harm caused by this misinformation during our consultations.

At the same time, we knew that there were techniques that actually worked in the research. It gave us greater confidence that these methods had helped us improve our own eczema (we’re also fellow lifelong sufferers).

The issue was, that it actually takes 10 years for cutting edge research to become commonplace in clinical practice. And this delay is precisely why we built the Eczemadoc Science Programme - to give you access to the latest research and developments.

The Proton Health Science Programme

Imagine if someone had searched for and read all of the academic papers on eczema and found out what works and what doesn’t. Now imagine that they created bite-sized pieces of content for you to read at your own comfort. Well, imagine no longer because that’s exactly what’s been built with the Eczemadoc Science Programme.

It consists of over 11 Journeys with of over 75 lessons in total. We take you from an eczema beginner to an eczema expert in no time. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Journey 1: A Warm Welcome - here we introduce you the Eczemadoc app and show you what’s to come with the Science Programme.
  • Journey 2: A Special Relationship - this journey explores our relationship with eczema, what causes it and the techniques used to tackle it.
  • Journey 3 - Mind, Body and Soul - these sessions explore the impact of various internal triggers including mood, sleep and skincare routine and together, we build strategies to improve them.
  • Journey 4 - The Great Outdoors - the environment can have a large impact on the risk of flare ups, so we deep dive into techniques to prevent harm from air pollution, extremes of humidity, high pollen counts and hot/cold temperatures.
  • Journey 5 - Irritants and Allergies - it can be challenging to find out what household irritants are linked to your flare ups. So here we’ll use the Switcheroo technique to capture and avoid them for good.
  • Journey 6 - The Eczema Elixir - emollients are truly our skins saviours. And here, we’ll explore the how, what and when of what is essentially our second skin.
  • Journey 7 - A Misunderstood Genius - steroids have got a bad rep recently. So here, we’ll explain the research behind how they work and how to use them safely.
  • Journey 8 - Taming The Beast - in this journey we explore what happens when things go wrong and how to manage side effects including TCS withdrawal syndrome.
  • Journey 9 - Germ Busting - it’s important to be on the lookout for any infections, so we’ll show you how to recognise and manage them in these sessions.
  • Journey 10 - The Weird and Wonderful - there are various alternative therapies that are mentioned online. So here, we’ll do a deep dive into each one and show you which ones are effective and the others that should be tossed out.
  • Destination - Eczema Nirvana - this is our final destination - Eczema Nirvana. Here, we’ll tie everything together and look towards the future with newer therapies.

Along the way, we’ll also get you setting your eczema goals, reshaping your relationship with the condition and giving you the tools to conquer your itch once and for all. Plus, we have specific programmes on reversing the itch-scratch cycle and CBT modules to reframe your entire experience with eczema.

So, if you’re ready to level up your eczema knowledge and become an Eczemadoc Expert, then go ahead and start your journey today!

August 1, 2022
Dr Noreen Akram
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