Skincare Routine Habit Building Techniques

There are many tips and tricks that you can use to improve your skincare routine habit. Here’s a breakdown…

Protect Your Shield

Emollients are your shield. The more you apply your moisturiser, the better your shield repairs itself! Remember this, and your motivation to use your skincare products will become easy.

Make It Obvious

It’s easy to forget to apply your skincare routine. So try to have set times when you’ll use your products and hold yourself accountable by logging it daily within the app.

Try to habit stack.

This is when you use your emollients after you’ve completed another activity like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast.

Use Temptation Bundling

If you want to supercharge your habit stacking, try temptation bundling. The idea is simple: bundle things you love doing with the routine you’re trying to build. This way, you’re guaranteed to do it frequently.

Create A Motivation Ritual

This is when you reward yourself with an enjoyable activity only after completing your intended habit. It’s been shown to boost the happy chemicals in your brain and make it easier to form this association.

Build A Support System

Achieving your goals is easier when it’s done with others. So, tap into your support system and get your friends and families to join you on your skincare journey. Better yet, become a member of the Proton Health support group!

Eliminate Friction

Make it super easy to whack open your emollients and begin applying them. This might mean taking your products with you wherever you go or having a bunch in each room.

Prime the environment.

Prepare your environment to make applying your products easy. For instance, you might want to have your morning creams lined up next to your bedside to make them easily accessible.

Use the Thirty Second Rule.

If you find applying all of your products hard, try to make the habit smaller. Simply use one. And do it for less than 30 seconds, so the process is quick. This changes your brain patterns to recognise that it isn't such a big task to complete.

Automate it.

Purchase your skin care products on a subscription. This way, you’ll never be out of products, and you’ll know if you’re over or under-using them.

Never miss your habit twice.

If you forget to apply your skincare routine, you must get back on it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your consistency and your habit will quickly fall to pieces.

Complete the above and you’ll be applying your skincare routine on auto-pilot!

August 1, 2022
Dr Noreen Akram
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