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Transformative Journalling

Use our proprietary algorithm to get a 360° view of your eczema. Track your symptoms, take photos, and discover your irritants and triggers!

Powerful Insights

Our predictive analytic system, The Fractal Engine, identifies your personal and environmental triggers. It then calculates your Skin Shield, designed to strengthen your protection against flare-ups.

Your Personalised Toolkit

Engage in 200+ interactive sessions, featuring knowledge articles, cognitive behavioural therapy and habit-reversal techniques. With support from your personal Skin Coach at any time.

We'll help you level up your skills and overcome eczema for good.

Conquer Your Mind

Expertly created cognitive behavioural therapy sessions to tackle anxiety, improve self-esteem and enhance your mental resilience.

And much more...

Comprehensive Tracking
Keep a diary of your symptoms, affected body areas and triggers in less than 30 seconds.
Personal Coaching
Access to our expert Skin Coaches for support and guidance at any time.
Itch-Scratch Programme
Groundbreaking tools to discover your itching habits and behavioural therapy techniques to reverse them.
Skincare Routine
Stay on top of your skincare routine and receive personal therapy suggestions.
Skin Shield
The innovative Skin Shield uses our state of the art algorithm to show your skin protection.
Threat Level
Discover your environmental triggers with warnings and tips to prevent against the elements.
Photo Journalling
Keep track of your symptoms with our privacy-first imaging technology.
Guided CBT Sessions
Audio sessions for every scenario from when you’re itching to whenever you’re in need of a confidence boost.
Guided reflective sessions to help re-wire your brain patterns and elevate your mindset.
It’s Time For A Happier, Healthier You.

Make The Change.